Looking for an experience like no other? Look no further.

At Black Label Beauty & Boudior we bring the party of a lifetime to you. Whether you are getting your closet gals together for your bachelorette party (congrats by the way!), a girls night out, a big birthday bash, mom's get away, let us remind you how beautiful and drop dead sexy you truly are. 

What our experience includes:

  • Sexy yoga to shake nerves

  • Music to set the mood

  • Complimentary Champagne

  • Professional Hair & Makeup

  • Mini independent Boudior *Sessions (longer for a bride)

  • Group shots of you getting ready and having a blast together. 

We also have add on options:

  • craft cocktail designed specifically for your taste/bartender service 

  • products for purchase

There is nothing ordinary about you. So make your next big celebration extraordinary. This is an elite opportunity and experience that you won't find anywhere else. Don't settle for the same old night out on the town. You deserve the BEST. This is the ultimate pregame experience!

Picture it, after having a few drinks with your friends, letting your guard down and embracing your sensual side, you'll be more than ready for a night out on the town. Flaunting you're flawless hair and makeup and strutting with confidence as you enter each room. This is your time to shine. Your time to be the knockout in the picture. Afterall, you my dear, are a goddess!


Ph. 830.282.7836

New Braunfels, TX